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NEW:  These pages are filled with free advice. 

In a time before social media became part of "The New Order" of finding the news, and getting your voices heard, this served its purpose.  While it is now documented in The Style Bible for anyone to read on line, the pages will remain here as a reminder.  Several of "the worst" have gone on to soar as fashion and style icons, while some of the best sometimes wear something so bad, that the accolades on these pages have come back to haunt me - and vice versa.

Criticism is only a good thing if combined with proof, and substantial unsolicited advice.  It may leave the individuals interested in True Style with a clearer path to a possible solution to go higher than those who chose to go low at public events. 


Simon Rademan's opinions after 2013 are now found on various social media (fb, twitter, linkedin) and yes, there is always a list (even right now), but some very powerful people in very high places prohibits us from publishing them.  We will refrain from calling them out at this time, but it does not in any way change the opinions expressed at the time these pages were first made known.


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“ I will continue to be inspired by well dressed women in SA and all over the world, and will always be affected by those who do not care about elegance.” 

- Simon Rademan  

SA fashion designer and style director 

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“As a stylist, it is my responsibility to be honest in my judgment how people should dress and how not, and is it not my intention to judge other professional stylists. Personal style (how fashion is interpreted by individuals) deters from that and cannot be commented on. This merely reflects Simon Rademan's professional opinion on what should be done and what not.  If you are interested in the public nominations and my opinion about their dress sense, I invite you to enjoy these pages.  If not, you are welcome to visit the rest of the site, or our homepage for recent updates on all style related subjects.

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The Style Bible by Simon RademanThis is not about the people, it is their dress choices, and about the photos of people that are out there for everyone to see.  All people that are in the public (unrestricted) eye realize sooner or later that, no matter, what they do...they will be criticized. Fashionistas, celebrities and socialites are idolized and become rolemodels to many that follow their example. When they step out in public, and allow strangers like the media, etc to photograph them, the implication immediately is that they are ready to show the world they are comfortable with whom they are. They have to look good when they step out in public, they do not have a choice. People know when the media is taking pictures of them, and it is these very pictures that are printed in social-columns and special events all over South Africa that represents to the rest of the world what South Africans really look like. Their alternative is to either say: “no thank you, I do not feel ready to be photographed or they should rather stay at home. Nevertheless...someone will be watching...  We now have a book available that may just help you stay away from any worst dressed list ever.  Read more about this in The Style Bible

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It is very important to always:
A  -  dress your age,
B  -  your figure,
C  -  the event you are attending.
Unfortunately it is that one big mistake that allows people to judge.
As a fashion designer (a representative of fashion to those who seek my expertees), I have to allow for personal taste. I can never say if a bow suits a person. It is also not important if I like/dislike bows, but… I can advise on what colour, what shape, how big or small the bows should be, how many there should be, and where it may be worn.

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History of this list

Since I was asked by a prominent Sunday newspaper, eight years ago to comment on SA women’s style, I have been bombarded with opinions on who the best-dressed should be and who the worse-dressed should be, and it never stops. I also think that people’s infatuation with what other people should or should not do, will also never fade. It has become customary for people to say "I want to look like her..." or "oh please, I really do not want to look like that!" Because of this and humanity’s ongoing quest for flawlessness, a decision has been made to be more democratic during 2003 and 2004 and to allow public contribution in nominating for the respective categories. Readers from Rapport, City Press, Huisgenoot/You, Sunday Times, and visitors to the site participated in nominating the top 10 delegates on the respective lists those years.  2013, was the 13th year running...


2013A Book.

2012:  A newsletter / Press Release

2011:  The candidates have been announced! 1301 Style-watchers from all over South Africa have nominated 84 individuals, and a shortlist of 42 people was published.   The top 10 candidates were announced on 7 January 2011.  7 407 votes were received.   Thank you to all that participated.

2010:   1275 Style-watchers from all over South Africa have nominated 107 individuals, and this year a shortlist of 42 people was published.   the top 10 candidates were announced on 7 January 2011.  A new record number of votes was received:  7 812!  Thank you to all that participated.

2009:    The candidates have been announced, the voting process has ended and the top of each list will be announced in the media shortly.

2008 2 012 Style-watchers from all over South Africa have nominated 117 individuals.    The top 10 candidates have been announced on 5 December 2008.  An astounding 8551 votes were received for this year's SA best AND worst dressed women!  Thank you to all that participated.  

2007:   2 136 Style-watchers from all over South Africa have nominated 78 individuals, the top 10 candidates were announced on 4 January, and an amazing 4375 votes were received for this year's SA best dressed woman - 2007.  

2006:   Press release   

2005:   If you are NOT dressed in the style you are accustomed to, do not pose for the photo! If you do, you are saying to the world: “look at me, what do you think?” …and the world will…                                      

2004:  Voters from Huisgenoot, You, Beeld, Rapport, Radio sonder Grense, Citizen, Sunday Times and  visitors to this site, voted for the top of this list. 

2003:   Huisgenoot and YOU Magazine was the bearer of good and bad news during this year.

2002:   SW Magazine was the bearer of Good and Bad news during this year.

2001:   During the first year only a worst dressed list was compiled and published by Rapport.                     
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The rules for nominating SA best and worst dressed women 2014:

  • Candidates are nominated by the general public.
  • Photos (as proof) are always welcomed.
  • This is not a ‘love’ list, nor is it a ‘hate’ list.
  • The public may only vote for the finalists after the top twenty have been announced.
  • This list does not necessarily reflect Simon Rademan’s personal design-style.
  • The age-restriction is from 18 to 99.
  • All figure-types are eligible.
  • All women in the public eye are eligible for both lists.
  • This list bears no reflection on the character of the candidate, only on her dress-sense.
  • Listings may be based on one photo only.
  • Nominees may not feature on any list for two consecutive years.
  • Nominees may feature on the opposing list during the following year.
  • Only published photos will be considered for the list.
  • In the event of someone being nominated for both lists, the majority-rule will apply.
  • The subsequent comments by Simon Rademan reflect his professional opinion on figure analysis, wardrobe planning and fashion interpretation.
  • This list has to be representative of women from all walks of life. 
  • The 2014 deadline for nominations are December 2014

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SA Best and Worst dressed women

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