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The Proof is in the Pudding - or in the eating of the pudding... literally.

2012 will go down in the world of style and fashion history books, as THE year where everyone did exactly what they wanted to do.  Almost every one of the 7 billion people that walk the earth seemed to have become a fashionista or the destroyer of their own wardrobes - every group of friends had his/her own stylista that would lead his/her inner circle with how many "followers" he/she may have.  This may be thanks to the fast moving world of social media and the instant availability of styles from world premieres to every single person that may have a Facebook or Twitter account, but is not an excuse for not always looking your best when you are in public.  The battle for "fitting-in" rather than "standing-out" sadly overshadowed and obscured the stylish and the need for basic etiquette.  FOMA is a word that saw the light for the first time - the Fear Of Missing Out - and fashion and stylish dressing was no exception. 

But it should have been...

Contrary to many rumours that there is no official list for 2012 for SA best and worst dressed women, there is a full list.  The list will remain unpublished for now as we have multiple contradictions within the listing.  This may be due to the fact that nominations are random and often anonymous; that some of the kindest people that walk the earth are often the worst dressers; that some so called best dressed women appear so on images perfectly styled by media, but their manners, and basic knowledge of etiquette is so ill presented and of such a nature that I have become embarrassed to acknowledge that some are "best" or/nor "worst" dressed women.

2012 also turned out to be the year where I finally signed a book contract with a very respectable publisher, allowing me to permanently document a subject that seriously needs to be addressed.  This book will see the light soon.  and although I cannot reveal any of the content,  I may emphasize that to be truly stylish, you have to demonstrate a fine balance between dress sense, etiquette, your responsibility as a public person, or any of your womanly qualities.  This, the imaging of the 2012 listing of the Best and the Worst Dressed women for South Africa does reflect.  The biggest problem I have with making this list official, is the format within which leading celebrities are portrayed in different media.  The images available to us does not prove their real status as "best" or "worst" - and where it does, I have no permission to republish or use them as proof.  Each magazine has their favourites and although not always portrayed as such, are treated with some degree of non-favouritism by other media (and vice versa), often guiding readers with a controlled degree of appreciation.  I refuse to believe that the days of printed media is over, but do acknowledge that live/video/reality imaging does influence public perception of "style" and what being stylish is, much more.  The proof of the Pudding has always been in the Eating of the Pudding (so called).

The thousands of followers of this eagerly awaited annual list, have always (thankfully) seen beyond this, and while I no longer wish to take a Disprin for a headache, I would rather want to define why I have a headache in the first place.  This fine balance between "yes-or-no", "then-and-now", "in-or-out", "best-or-worst" is the secret to being truly stylish. 

While these processes are now underway, I kindly invite you to continue nominating for 2013.

Abso-fashion-lute regards

Simon Rademan

"I'd rather go naked than being on the worst dressed list!

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