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SA Best and worst dressed women for 2006! - Press release 

This long awaited list, published annually on this site, has been put on temporary hold for the first time in its 5 year-existence.

Syndicates, harmful threats and bad sportsmanship are the main reasons for this.  Also in play is the serious illness of Simon Rademan during the busiest social scene period of the year (October-December).

“Because of my recent illness, I have been out of high profile circulation during the busiest time of year (October – December). I cannot comment on the photos (sent in by visitors to my site and readers of magazines) alone, nor can I comment on what this years candidates have been up to as I have not been around to see what they really looked like at the photographed events portrayed by the media.  I apologize to the 732 style-watchers that have nominated throughout the year, but ask that they understand how important it has always been for me to speak only from experience.

Perhaps now other style- and fashion designers like Errol van de Merwe (?) and Gert Arendz (?) will leave me in peace as there are no list to comment on for 2006 (like they have done in the media).

For now, I have grown tired of the attempts of bribery suggestions and public ‘threats of bodily harm’ by husbands and close friends of worst dressed people.   The friendly policemen at my chosen police station know exactly what I am doing there when they see me, and I will not be visiting them for this reason again.  Although I took the first threat very serious, I will no longer waste the police’s valuable time on complaining about how “scared” I am of worst dressed people.  I want the police to concentrate on more serious matters like the prevention of crime.

This bad sportsmanship of worst dressed people leads me to believe that there is much room for maturity amoungst our “not so stylish” style-“leaders”.

The “SA best and worst dressed women” list is a registered independent trademark and does not belong to any individual publication, but to the style-followers of South Africa.  Anyone has a say in its outcome.  Simon Rademan merely comments on the outcome of this list.. All best dressed women are not always featured in the “STYLE” magazine, nor are the worst dressed women from the weekly “HEAT” magazine.  Although magazines have a strong guideline for what their readers want, the people they feature are often styled for shoots and do not reflect their own personal style.

Some publications have tried to influence the outcome of this list by prescribing to me what their readers are interested in, but, and I want to clearly state this:  All prominent people from ALL walks of life are liable for nomination, editors included.

We have to stress that the said list is not a love-list nor is it a hate-list.  E.G.: It was easy to discover a syndicate that would place Amor Vittone and Patricia Lewis directly opposite one another. Voters would nominate Me Vittone as best and (almost without exeption) Me Lewis as a worst dressed woman AND vice versa.

The list is also not a popularity competition. Me Noleen Maholwana Sanqui is often nominated as a best AND a worst dressed woman.  Her name pops up everywhere, but here is the truth:  I am a great fan of her show, but (although she has been no 10 on last year’s "best" list) her dress-sense on telly and at events, is like the Dr Jack-all and Mrs “Hide” of the fashion industry.  Her outfits are either too loose or (more often) too tight.  Sitting in a chair the whole time definitely is not the solution for not dressing perfect.    Another person on the worst dressed list would surely have been “the strictly come hiding” Tamara Dey for her misrepresentation of how stylish women should dress. 

Many people (myself included) look up to the formidable Busisiwe Mahlaba for a definition on style, elegance and femininity.  She inspires women and style watchers throughout South Africa, almost on a daily basis.  Other people who are walking on the edge of a thin line (and should keep watching this space), are Eloise Kupido, Tammy Ann Fortuin, Jeannie D, Yvonne van den Bergh and Kelly Khumalo.

Our beautiful country is not too small to accommodate socialite wannabe's that are prepared to grow as real life style-icons.  I suggest they stop hiding behind how perfectly a magazine of choice have styled them and start projecting who they really want to be.  I wish and wish and wish that more magazines will allow their “subjects” to appear in their garments of choice. 

“I will continue to be honest in my opinion when asked for information by my clients, the public or the media, because that is who I really am:  I have always shared my knowledge eagerly with those who seek information, and who have a desire to look better, feel better and live stylishly.  I will continue to be inspired by well dressed woman in SA and all over the world, and will always be fascinated by those who do not care about elegance.”


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