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Voters from Huisgenoot, You, Beeld, Rapport, Radio sonder Grense, Citizen, Sunday Times and visitors to this site, voted for the top of this list,


A stylish woman would always look in the mirror and take away the last item she added....

Coco Chanel   

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SA Best Dressed Women for 2004 :   (Please scroll down to see who the SA Worst Dressed Woman for 2004 is)

10. Noeleen Maholwana-SangquRemarkable Finesse
Noeleen’s wardrobe is a winner, but I do wish she would stop wearing round necklines. Extra consideration should be taken on which neckline to wear (go to Figure analysis) when you are not the hourglass-figure type

 9. Theofista EllisChic stylishness
Suits, oh glorious suits! Some earrings perhaps?? Suits are extremely practical, and ideal for mix and match purposes. Get the most from any suit in your wardrobe by adding tops, scarfs, jewelry, hats, etc, etc. Go to Wardrobe-planning for more information

 8. Bridget RadebeDinamic Elegance
A little black number in the wardrobe is a must. It can be worn ‘as it is’ or if you are not sure how to make it as practical as everybody says, go to Little black number for more information.

 7. Basetsana Makgalamele-KhumaloSpectacular flair
..but with no hair? Higher necklines (such as the jacket) requires a “higher” hairstyle. A big plus with this dramatic jacket is the absence of a neckpiece. Go to Hair for more information

Zuraida_JardinAlluring Lady
Casual clothing is fine for when you’re working, but feeling comfortable does not mean that you are always looking your best. (and vice versa!) It is often said in our industry that “beauty knows no pain”, but it is the exeption and not the rule. Go to Evening wear for more information.

 5. Edith Venter A Regal Lady
If you have got it, you may flaunt it! Shiny fabrics should not be worn too tight if there are areas that you do not want to accentuate. It adds focus where it might not have been your intention to. Go to Celebrities for more information.

 4. Gerri RantselliGloriously glamorous
The neckpiece is by far too big! It looks added on. The ideal is to have one focus. Should it be the neckpiece, the outfit should enhance it and vice versa. Go to design lines for more information.

 3. Penny Rey CoelenGracefull panache
Perfect, but only one string around the neck would also have been sufficient. Choose the right basics for your wardrobe, and chances are good that you will never be out of fashion. Go to Wardrobe-planning for more information on this

 2. Michelle McleanFeminine Flamboyance
from worse-dressed to best-dressed … Michelle has shown that with minor changes in your wardrobe, you can easily become a “Best Dressed SA Woman”. (as a mature women, she has now stopped showing her tummy) Go to Modelling for more information.

Amy Kleynhans-CurdBreathtakingly Classic
…but why the heavy bracelet, Amy? Balance between the garment, and the accessories are extremely important. Maybe a smaller one would have been perfect, seeing that she is wearing a scarf-drape as well. Go to Accessories for more information.   
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SA Worst Dressed Women
2004 :  (Please scroll down to see who the SA Worst Dressed Woman for 2004 is)


10. Yvonne Chaka Chaka -
Me Chaka chaka can get away with far less fabric and much more focus on her beautifull collar- bones. Maybe a style that is not so “ten years ago”? Go to Evening wear for more information

 9. Cheryl Carolus -
You may wear this outfit again, Cheryl, but never with that necklace. It is extremely important that petite women accessorize and experiment with petite detaille! Go to Accessories for more information

 8. Karla du Plessis -
These shoes frighten me every time I look at them. Fashion is so wonderful, but it dies away so quickly, Carla. I still remember this style as a matric-farewell favourite when I started the business 15 years ago. Go to Shoes for more information

 7. Michelle Garfoth -
What were you thinking? (quote from “HEAT”-magazine). Thank you for this bit of shock therapy, Michelle. There are too many horisontal lines in this ensemble, and all the focus is away from her beautiful neckline. Why? Go to Wardrobe-planning for more information

 6. Zelda la Grange -
Light colours make you look larger than you are, and dark colours make you look smaller than you are, but so many horisontal lines is a danger to almost any kind of figure. How about some of that Madiba-flair? Go to Design lines for more information

 5. Vanessa Carreira -
I truly admire this girl for her beauty, her poise, her tenacity, her intellect, her people-skills, but unquestionably not for her dress sense. She definitely is not a style icon! Go to Miss South Africa (Miss SA) for more information

 4. Esmare Weideman -
“All that is gold, surely does NOT glitter” - and this is not a quote by J.R.R. Tolkien. I pray and hope those straps lasted. Shiny, light colours often emphasize areas that should not be emphasized. Go to Figure analysis for more information

3. The Olympic team that represented us in Athens -
I do not have a photo of our stars when they entered the arena at the opening ceremony, and I do not ever want to see a photo OR those outfits again! It was ‘One-size-fits-all’, and believe me … they didn’t! Go to Image changing for more information.

2. Kuli Roberts -
Or shall we say: ‘Kuli Osbourne’ ?? There is just too much to look at and she was definitely NOT going for the elegant look! Go to Little black number for more information

1. Christina Storm - Second year running.
What an absolute mess! There is no direction, focus, it is just “stuff” thrown together. All women are a gift from God (especially pregnant women) and should be treated as such. Go to Fashion for more information

These are the actual photos on which individuals were judged to be nominated for SA Best and/or Worst dressed Women. This does not mean that their entire wardrobe belongs on this list. Thank you to the following media from which the photos were spotted Heat, Huisgenoot/You, Beeld, Citizen, Sunday Times, Rapport, Style… Back to top  


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SA Best and Worst dressed women 2004 (Archive)

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