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Huisgenoot and YOU Magazine published this list on our behalf

understated elegance, minimalism could be key, cover what is necessary, emphasize the positive, adapt with fashion,


Simon Rademan

SA fashion designer and stylist

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BEST DRESSED © for 2003
1.  Khanyi Dhlomo
Lady Panache is a true leader in understanding the art of understated elegance. Minimalism is the key to her numerous nominations as a well dressed personality in and outside South Africa.
2.  Frene Ginwala
She makes me proud to be a South African. She covers all that is necessary and dresses a very difficult figuretype with flair and confidence.
3.  Basetsana Khumalo
She still tries too much; nevertheless she belongs on the list. She is sometimes a little flamboyant but is definitely a very elegant and graceful dresser. Less is sometimes more.
4.  Melleney Samsudin
In the past, I wondered, now I know...she matures like red wine. Although never having won a miss SA title, she often looks like a beauty queen. Our own pretty woman.
5.  Jane Raphaely
What a dame! She has a stately quality in her ensembles, and always emphasises the positive.
6.  Michelle Botes
If only I could name a rose after her...She understands that it is important to adapt with fashion, and to take out of fashion what suits your age, your figure, and the occasion you attend. I have never seen Michelle not looking the best she can look!!
7.  Amor Vittone
Definitely now that "the two sinners" never popped out of that very beautiful wedding gown!!
8.  Felicia Mabuza-Suttle
Previously very high on the worse-dressed list, Felicia has come a long way, but she is finally getting there! She now has the figure, she now has the style.
9.  Brümilda v Rensburg
For now she is excused for the one mistake she made. In general she dresses her 10/10 figure with chic, flair, and finesse.
10.  Ruda Landman
Ruda uses unfussiness and proves that journalists do not always have to look as if they are working. There is nothing wrong with finding a style that works for you, and wearing it often. Just not too often! A" tini wini’ bit of accessorising from time to time maybe?

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WORST DRESSED © for 2003 
1.  Christina Storm
The surname is very becoming...Attractive features should always be emphasized. Christina emphasizes so many features that she leaves me devastated. I have no idea where to focus???
2.  The Barones
As graceful and as stylishly as she appears to be, the jewels are often too flaunting, the skirts too short, the make-up too much, the mannerisms too showy, but then again...are there really women like that?
3.  Brenda Fassie
I have never seen her stylishly dressed! I seriously advise followers of elegant dressing to search elsewhere for a style icon. It does sometimes happen that individuals might not care about style and elegance. The evidence then lies in their shocking attempts.
4.  Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma
??? She is a painstaking dresser, but not a correct dresser. We have a motto in the trade: dark coloured fabrics make smaller, and lighter coloured fabrics make bigger. She gets the neckline right from time to time.
5.  Mara Louw-Thomson
Too much too often! "Kyk my hartjie oorbelle! Ek het hulle al weer aan!" Is it possible that she ran out of originality and some days might not have really cared about what ensembles should have been worn? On those days it is vital to rather stay at home.
6.  Zola Budd sportster
"Women are made to be loved, not understood"...Oscar Wilde. It is often said that she does not want to be in the public eye, and fashion style-wise it is understandable.
7.  Letoya Makhene
Her dress sense for bottom half is disastrous. If you find any part of your figure difficult to dress, wear a darker colour, a good fitting and rather ignore it. I can look at her eyes end her necklines for days on end.
8.  Michelle Mclean
Although I often find her sophisticatedly dressed, I have to question if it might not be time to cover the tummy?
9.  Monique Strydom
Yellow is a very scary colour for some to wear. If a colour does not suit you well, you may still wear it, but never sooooo close to the face.
10.  Since there is no official list for men in SA, he gets his own list...Johan Stemmet
Oi vey, oi vey, oi vey, We know he is not a woman. Will anyone else wear those waistcoats? A change in your wardrobe is often better than a holiday. Oi vey, oi vey, oi vey  
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SA Best and Worst dressed women 2003 (Archive)

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