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SA Best Dressed Women for 2005:  (Scroll down and find out how your favourite was placed)

1. Michelle Pienaar – Actress in MNET soapie: Egoli
…delicately well-dressed – always…
Wearing the same colour from top to bottom is often the key to looking taller.

2. Leanne Manas – Continuity presenter – Morning Live
…feminine, magnificent dress sense…
What a pleasure it is to wake up in the morning and see her on the telly. She understands the art of accessorising with care.

3. Nadine – Afrikaans singer and entertainer
…tasteful and uncomplicated...
Women often are classified as the best-dressed when the dress does not overpower them. Wear styles that compliment your personality.

4. Jo-Ann Strauss - Former Miss SA and ‘Top Billing’ -presenter
…playful, experimental and adventurous…
She has mastered the art of “throwing pieces together”. Stick to one primary piece and add on secondary pieces like Jo-ann does.

5. Elana Afrika – Continuity Presenter and MC
…fun, original and modish…
Experiment with fashion, choose a style that really suits your age, your figure and the occasion you are dressing for, and you too, may end up on this list.

6. Karen Beukes – Principle dancer and Ballet Mistress - SABT
…perfection personified….
She is a perfect example of understated sophistication. She does not dress to impress, but impresses nonetheless.

7. Dr Precious Moloi – Philanthropist and businesswoman
…engaging style…
She makes elegant appealing statements and is often the perfect inspiration for new classy trends.

8. Lee Ann Liebenberg – Top FHM Model and popular socialite
…sexy, sassy, elegant, chic…
Lee Ann makes fashion choices seem so easy. Although she can wear just about anything and get away with just about “nothing”, she sticks to understated elegance. Well done!

9. Gerri Rantselli – Businesswoman
…understandably back on this list…
Her delightful and charming look is often very pleasing to the eye. She experiments with different styles for different occasions and achieves her fashion goal.

10. Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi - Minister of Public Service and Administration
…our most stylish public official…
Sophisticated tailored suits are an excellent choice of outfits for doing official business.
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SA Worst Dressed Women for 2005:  (Scroll down and find out how your favourite was placed)

1. Mara Louw – Idols judge and performer extraordinaire
Aikôna, Sissie, Aikôna - Shoulderpads are sooooooooooo last millennium! It seems like she has tried all the styles one could possibly think of, and still hasn’t found one that works for her. It is always good to experiment with different looks, but leave the extravagant stuff for theme-parties. Stick to basics, Mara.

2. Karen Zoid – Singer and songwriter
Sublock can be bought at many chainstores, Karen. Stylish women are often aware that tan-lines do not show when they are dressed for the camera. Unisex clothing should be an option and not the ultimate. Fashion 2005 will go down in history as a celebration of femininity.

3. Pam Andrews - Pop singer
“To dream the impossible dream…” I have seen this girl dress a lot worse than is shown here. A fashion tragedy can often be solved by listening to style-experts, trusting your instincts, having the lights on when you get dressed, or just toning it down a little, …or a lot!

4. Nicole Fox – 5 FM DJ
I wonder what Taubie Kushlik would have thought of this ensemble. I do not think that an evening dress should be worn with denim, and with ugly golden shoes, regardless of how eccentric you are. This “collection de la Fox” would definitely look better if the shoes were silver and much finer. Fashion slaves are seldom best-dressed women, they are merely fashionable….

5. Minki van der Westhuizen – SA Model
Pretty girl + pretty dress + bad fitting = worst dressed. “Victoria’s Secret” is not a secret anymore and may be purchased at various national and international outlets. You may have the most beautiful dress waiting to be worn to a special occasion, but please glance in the mirror before finally stepping out

6. Jenny Cwrys-Williams – 702 Radio talkshow host
She has the perfect dress sense for radio, where she can be heard, but not seen – at least till she finds a stylist with a niche for ensembles. I always pretend that I am colour blind when I look at her, especially when she was the presenter for “Show me the Mommy” on television. Colour co-ordination could be the key to elegance. The shortest line between elegance and style, is simplicity. When you are short, you should not draw too much attention to your feet.

7. Margaret van der Westhuizenn – Ex Big-brother housemate, Radio DJ
Maybe this works for her, but it definitely reminds me of Miss Eliza Doolittle BEFORE coaching. Being branded as a “stylish dresser” requires the perfect balance between dress sense and public performance.

8. Hlubi Mboya – Actress - Isidingo’s Nandipha
The “borrowed look” only works for private parties and girls’ nights ‘in’. It is extremely important to dress your figure, eg: if pants are too long, cut them shorter or give them away to a charity of your choice, or do not purchase them at all.

9. Jeremy Mansfield and Alex Jay – Radio DJ’s
Go slow with the feathers and rather wear pencil-skirts, daaaarrrrrlings! It is important for a “woman” to NOT let chest hair show.

10. Laurika Rauch - singer
My worst nightmare came true: when I was in matric (a hundred years ago) I predicted that all will be wearing bright metal-coloured suits after the year 2000. Never in my life did I think my Idol – SA’s most talentend singer - would be the first. Shiny fabrics draw unnecessary attention and should be worn by supermodels only.

Thank you to the readers of:: Huisgenoot, You, Drum, Top Billing, Style, Rapport, Citizen, City Press, Die Son, Sunday Times, Beeld, Die Burger, Volksblad, listeners to RSG and Radio 702, and visitors to our site for your nominations and votes.
These photos were spotted in the following SA publications that cover high profile social events: Huisgenoot, You, Drum, Style Magazine, Heat Magazine, Top Billing Magazine, Rapport, Beeld, Sowetan, Citizen, City Press, Sunday Times. For any additional image of any of the candidates, a Google/images-search is recommended.


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