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2 012 Style-watchers from all over South Africa have nominated 117 individuals.    The top 10 candidates have been announced on 5 December 2008.  An astounding 8551 votes were received for this year's SA best AND worst dressed women!  Thank you to all that participated... 


Each best dressed candidate received a beautiful, hand crafted Italian crystal centerpiece!

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South Africa's best dressed women for 2008 are:

Sandy Ngema in Heat magazine  Chata Romano in Rooi Rose magazine  Kass Naidoo in YOU magazine  Jennifer Su in Heat magazine  Lira in Soul magazine  Arina de Witt in Rooi Rose Magazine  Esmare Weideman in Huisgenoot, YOU  Connie Mashaba in "O" magazine  Liezel van der Westhuizen in Huisgenoot  Amalia Uys in Huisgenoot

scroll down for comments by Simon Rademan, and to see how they were placed.

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          2   2   2                    Our comment:

Esmare Weideman in Huisgenoot, YOU

Esmaré Weideman

In 10th place:

Esmaré Weideman - Magazine editor

She redeemed herself from worst dressed a couple of years ago, and now elegantly covers up the areas that landed her on the "other" list. 

Lira in Soul magazine


In 9th place:

Lira - Singer

She impresses every onlooker with understated class.  She tones down when necessary, and often dramatizes like a pro.

Jennifer Su in Heat magazine

Jennifer Su

In 8th place:

Jennifer Su - 5FM host


She understands very well what her assets are, and enhances where and when necessary.


Chata Romano in Rooi Rose magazine

Chata Romano

In 7th place:

Chata Romano - Stylist

From one master to another:  Me Romano completely understands colours, styles, and the use thereof, and has made it her life's work to share that information with everyone!

Connie Mashaba in "O" magazine

Connie Mashaba

In 6th place:

Connie Mashaba - MD:  Black like me

Whenever one is in doubt about what to wear, a scarf or wrap or pashmina comes in handy.  There are plenty ways how to dress "up" and camouflage with this magical accessory.

Kass Naidoo in YOU magazine

Kass Naidoo

In 5th place:

Kass Naidoo - Sports presenter

Me Naidoo is a clever dresser.  This allows her to always look taller than she is.  If you stick to one colour from top to bottom and use softer, drapery fabrics, you will achieve the same.

Liezel van der Westhuizen in Huisgenoot

Liezel van der Westhuizen

In 4th place:

Liezel van der Westhuizen - SABC 3 presenter, MC and TV host

A very tall and very lean lady who cleverly juggles the benefits thereof.  She divides her figure into horizontal parts, and bares just enough.

Amalia Uys in Huisgenoot

Amalia Uys

In 3rd place:

Amalia Uys - Actress

It is no surprise what a single string of pearls (or a chain) of the right length can do, but it sure is nice to be reminded. It hides a multitude of sins.

Sandy Ngema in Heat magazine

Sandy Ngema

In 2nd place:

Sandy Ngema -

TV Presenter and socialite

She is confident and proud of her larger figure, and inspires so many to keep it simple, and remain elegant.


Sa's best dressed woman for 2008 is:


Arina de Witt - Singer

Classy and Regal.  Me de Witt always knows when to stop, sticks to basics and accessorizes only when really necessary. 

Read her response


Arina de Witt in Rooi Rose Magazine

Arina de Witt
























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South Africa's worst dressed women for 2008 are:

Disclaimer:  "browse at own risk"


1   1   1                              The photo:  (click to enlarge)

          2   2   2                    Our comment:

In 10th place:


"... yes, this is a woman's arm..."

Who is this?

In 9th place:


"... drape it like you drape a curtain...?"

Who is this?

In 8th place:


"... is this really a woman ...?"

Who is this?

In 7th place:


"... no, this is not a stray-jacket ..."

Who is this?

In 6th place:


"... shouldn't the brazier do what this belt is doing ..."

Who is this?

In 5th place:


"... if you can't, you shouldn't ..."

Who is this?

In 4th place:


"... when it is too tight, it is TOO tight ...

Who is this?


In 3rd place:


"...undergarments should be UNDER the garments...?"

Who is this?

In 2nd place:


"... is this the new 'layered' look ...?"

Who is this?

In 1st place:


"...we're glad you fitted all of it in, my angel..."

Who is this?






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SA Best and Worst dressed women 2008

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