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 1982 Style-watchers from all over South Africa have nominated 91 individuals, and this year a shortlist was published (50 people).    The top 10 candidates have been announced on 4 January 2010.  6471 votes were subsequently received for this year's SA best AND worst dressed women!  Thank you to all that participated...

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The annual list for “South African best and worst dressed women”™ now narrows the gap between "celebrity" and "the general public", by acknowledging that true style can belong to anyone – not only to a selected few, or to a certain group of people.  Fashion abso-fashion-lutely belongs to anyone, …but with so many styles available from chain stores, designers and the internet, one can easily loose track and let your dress sense go horribly wrong.  Read Press Release

Mr Rademan’s advice is to keep it simple: “(a) dress your age, (b) dress your figure, and (c) dress for the occasion”

Here are the respective lists for 2009:

SA Best dressed woman candidates - 2009

1   1   1                              The candidate:

          2   2   2                    We comment:


Best dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Corine du Toit

Corine du Toit – Actress in Egoli

(1st) Polished Panache… 

Colour is going to be great this season.  Be wise to invest in colours that suit you best, and to wear that colour closest to your face.   Do not follow trends too blindly, and if the colour does not suit you, wear it away from the face!.  Stick to classics, like one of the most beautiful women in television do.

Read her "tips" and "tricks" on dressing well


Best dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Zanele Mbokasi

Zanele Mbokazi – Founder, CEO Crown Gospel Music

(2nd) Spectacular Grace…   


When your gown has this much beading and/or detail, you should accessorize with care.  The gloriously glamorous Me Mbokazi is wearing just enough jewellery with a spectacular gown, and this makes her a best dressed woman.



Best dressed candidate for 2009 - Nianell

Nianell – Singer

(3rd) Royal Candor…   

Dressed for palacial affairs.  White accentuates every single curve you have, but with such a fitting neckline, you can easily flatter almost any figure type.



Best dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Uyanda Mbuli

Uyanda Mbuli – Social Columnist (People)

(4th) Striking Elegance…   

A very fashionable floral print worn stylishly simple.  The gown needs nothing else, and Me Mbuli understood that.  She kept it simple and allowed the fabric to speak.



Best dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Lorna Potgieter

Lorna Potgieter-Rossetti – former Miss SA

(5th) Radiant Beauty…   

A fantastic reminder of what Miss SA used to be.  Don’t ever underestimate the power of a coat.  If worn the right way (unbuttoned), it can hide a multitude of sins.



Best dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Janine Habana

Janine Viljoen-Habana – wife of rugby sportstar, Brian Habana

(6th) Refined Simplicity… 

Too many women overkill a simple dress.  There is a certain authority that comes with wearing black the right way.  Although Me Habana is a petite woman, this dress (style) will empower many female shapes…

Read what she says about her personal style


Best dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Khanyi Mbau

Khanyi Mbau – Actress and socialite

(7th) Dramatic Flair…   

Although I have a problem with the necklace, the dramatic black and white print would have been enough.  Only a confident girl can pull this off, and Me Mbau did.



Best dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Dudu Zuma

Dudu Zuma – Daughter of the President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma

(8th) Womanly Poise…  

Every woman should have “a little black number” in their wardrobe.  It is trustworthy, should be classy, and can be accessorized with almost anything.  Even an enormous bracelet, and/or a yellow clutchbag…




Best dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Jenna Dover

Jenna Dover – Actress

(9th) Original Inspiration…   

We should never be afraid to experiment, and Me Dover has mastered this art.  She defines elegance.  The colour is fantastic on her, although the belt is questionable…



Best dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Elita de Klerk

Elita de Klerk – wife of former President of South Africa, F.W. de Klerk

(10th) Quiet Maturity …   

Dressing conservatively is safe.  I always say “emphasize (show) what still looks good and cover what needs to be covered".  Although this image shows Me de Klerk covering a little too much, such a wardrobe will never go into retirement.  It works!


SA Worst dressed woman candidates - 2009

1   1   1                              The candidate:

          2   2   2                    We comment:


Worst dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Pam Andrews

Pam Andrews – Actress, Singer

(1st) Barely Dressed… 

Why did Me Andrews bother to even dress at all?  We understand that “less is more” … but just a little more would not be minded … or less “less”.  If you’ve got it, you do not have to flaunt it at every occasion you get.  Take special note of a dress code when invited to a function, and try not to upstage the hostess.  Don’t be shy to make a statement, but leave some for the imagination…


Worst dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Tamara Dey

Tamara Dey – Performer

(2nd) Deadly Powerful… 

This has me speechless.  It might have been less shocking if the gown was longer, even full length.  The colour red (like many bright colours) often needs nothing else.  It could attract so much attention that care should be taken that you (a) … wear the right length? (b) … the right shape? (c)… even the right fit?


Worst dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Anele Mdoda

Anele Mdoda – “SA’s got talent” presenter  

(3rd) Tighter Talent… 

What’s up with the bag, Me Troy?  Or is it “Alexander the Great” inspiration that went wrong?  Me Mdoda bursted onto our television screens as a SA’s got talent presenter wearing too tight clothes, too often.  Tight clothing can empohasize areas that should rather be “off screen”. 



Worst dressed candidate for 2009 - Lady Kitty Spencer

Lady Kitty Spencer – Niece of Late Princess Diana

(4th) Stylishly Flimsy… 

How-you-wear-what-you-wear could make you truly stylish, not just “what” or “who” you wear.  This item of clothing simply teases and provokes you to look everywhere and anywhere. Keep it simple when you make dress choices.  Have one or maybe two places of interest… Either a neckline, or the flow of the dress, or the way that fabric is folded.


Worst dressed candidate for 2009 - Mr Riaan Venter as Me Jessica Simpson

Riaan Venter – Nutsman  

(5th) Female Collapse… 

Not a very successful attempt at impersonating a woman (Jessica simpson?), Mr Venter.  It is going to take more than a pair of earrings to distract from those shoulders.  This season, jewellery is meant to compliment your face and to complete a specific hairstyle.  If necessary it can provide a focus, but mainly it should be a little less opulent.  If you find belts popular, stick to one at a time.


Worst dressed candidate for 2009 - Beauty and the BEE

Beauty and the BEE – satirical character

(6th) Flamboyant Joke… 

This character allows me to formally state:  “Eish”, a white “woman” with a headdress??:  so wrong!  Beauty makes Dame Edna look like a snappy dresser.  But seriously, dressing well is no joke.  It is simply understanding your own figure, taking your age in consideration and dressing for the occasion.  Beauty, you may not inspire others with your dress sense, but you “rock”, girlfriend!


Worst dressed candidate for 2009 - Thembisile

Thembisile – Singing sensation

(7th) Overpowered… 

A Woman should wear the dress, not “the dress” – “the woman”.  Here it looks like Thembisile is swallowed by what she is wearing, and that the dramatic choice she made, got the better of her…



Worst dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Barbara Ray

Barbara Ray – Country singer

(8th) Time Travel… 

I am a huge fan of Me Ray’s music… but I am not sure of this ensemble. Maybe it is the colour, the “busyness” of the fabric, the jacket that is too big or just how all goes together, but something is wrong here.  When your are in doubt, you should rather not.  Listen to your gut’s feeling.  “It” often tells you that something is not working.  Well, my ghut is telling me it reminds me too much of the 70’s.


Worst dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Phemelo Ngcobo

Phemelo Ngcobo – SABC1 Home Affairs

(9th) Shining Shapes… 

Love the style, love the personality, but … very few women can get away with wearing shiny fabrics.  It emphasizes and disproportions almost everything that is underneath what you are wearing … unless of course, if you want attention there, then it becomes a totally different game.


Worst dressed candidate for 2009 - Me Augustine Chuene Masilela

Augustine Chuene Masilela – Former Miss Universe South Africa

(10th) Drawing the line… 

This gown is clearly meant to attract attention from the “rainbow” nation.  It says to me, look at my arms, look at my hips, look at my proportions.  Should you not want this, you should refrain from dramatic design, and wear something far more voiceless.   Also take note that vertical lines can make you look taller and horizontal lines can make you look shorter.  What diagonal lines do to the very beautiful, Me Masilela, is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

A final piece of advice from Simon Rademan:  “2010 will be the year in fashion where we rediscover and re sculpt the female form, and most women should invest in clothes that are just one size bigger than their actual size.  More about this in next month’s free article where we will be celebrating 21 years in an industry that I adore.” 

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The shortlist of 50 women nominated by the public for either the "2009 Best dressed woman", or the "2009 SA Worst dressed woman" (in no particular order...)

Pabi Moloi, Lorcia Cooper, Janine Viljoen/Habana, Andile Gaelesiwe, Khanyi Mbau, Belinda Shaw,  Zoleka Mandela, Nathalie Becker, Linette van der Merwe, Lorna Potgieter-Rossetti, Tanya van Graan, Bridget Masinga, Angelique Gerber, Riaan Venter, Beauty and the BEE, Barbara Ray, Bianca Le Grange, Juanita du Plessis, Carike Keuzenkamp, Lady Kitty Spencer, Loui Fish, Caster Semenya, Rosie Motene, Amor Vittone, Tamara Dey, Jill Grogor , Elizma Theron, Jennifer Jones, Nianell, Jeannie D, Kass Naidoo, Jenna Dover, Hlubi Mboya, Sandra Prinsloo, Elma Postma, Phemelo Ngcobo, Debora Patta, Zanele Mbokazi, Uyanda Mbuli, Nonhle Thema, Dudu Suma, Corine du Toit, Elita de Klerk, Pam Andrews, Anele Mdoda, Thembisile, Augustine Chuene Masilela, Connie Ferguson, Claudia Henkel, Vanessa Haywood.

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SA Best and Worst dressed women 2009

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