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2 136 Style-watchers from all over South Africa have nominated 78 individuals, the top 10 candidates were announced on 4 January, and an amazing 4375 votes were received for this year's SA best dressed woman.

Each candidate will receive a personalised Royal Cristal footed centrepiece  

Congratulations, and thank you for inspiring us with your dress sense!  ,

Each candidate will receive a personalised Royal Cristal footed centrepiece


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It is not surprising that two photographs of the same person, taken on the same day can land an individual on a best-dressed AND a worst dressed list.  We carefully looked at this possibility and know from experience that this seldom (almost never) happens to women that dress with care.    Although style is often defined as a personal matter, special care should always be taken that you...

  • a.  dress your age

  • b.  dress according to your figure type, and

  • c.   take note of the guidelines when attending a special event

This year we have decided to give the Mara's", Christina's", "Minki's" and the Pam's a little break and to concentrate on the women that continue to inspire others to be more stylish, more fashionable, and more classy.... 

    The SA Best Dressed women for 2007 are:   (Click on image below to view her dress sense)

In 10th place:     Nicky Greenwall - Television journalist.  Putting an ensemble together, with today's fashion, could be catastrophic, but Me Greenwall got this very difficult one right.  Too many focuses often deters from the obvious.  Floral dresses and peeptoe shoes belong together.       read more

In 9th place:      Anna Mart van der Merwe - Actress.  Every now and then, one wants to make a change.  Me vd Merwe has always dressed with understated elegance and has successfully transformed her look this year.       read more

In 8th place:     Clare O'Donaghue - Magazine editor.  Wearing seperates, combining different cuts and excellent wardrobe planning, can flatter one's look.  True style is often marginalized as "simple dressing" and Me O'Donaghue has true style.       read more

In 7th place:      Chichi Letswalo - Actress.  Powerdressing can be done by anyone. The enigma of stylish dressing is often when women dress down.  ...but this should not stop any woman from shining in bright colours and opulence either!       read more

In 6th place:       Doreen Morris - Business woman / Producer / TV personality.  A small figure often allows for powerfull dressing, without shouting, ...with just enough grace.  Me Morris' originality comes from understanding her womanhood.  She keeps it simple.        read more

In 5th place:       Dunay Nortje - Model.  When you have a beautiful figure, it should not be flaunted everywhere and anywhere like we often see with other models.  It should still be analyzed and emphasized by the right cut or the right ensemble.  Me Nortje has mastered this art.       read more

In 4th place:       Cindy Nell - Business woman and former Miss SA.  It is never the label of your style-purchase that is important, but the suitability of the styles you choose.  Well known national and international brands, may give you confidence, but does not automatically classify you as best dressed.       read more

In 3rd place:       Suzette van der Merwe - Business executive and former miss SA.  "A dress should always be tight enough to show that you are a woman, and loose enough to show that you are a lady"  Rather make a statement by not always wearing the brightest colours, or the widest gown, or many items at the same time.       read more

In 2nd place:      Tammy-Ann Fortuin - TV presenter / personality.  Me Fortuin is a girl that knows how much leg-showing is appropriate in public, day or evening.  She has a sense of royalty that remains fun, exciting, playful, chic and classy.       read more

In 1st place:        The SA best dressed woman 2007 is ... Me Busisiwe Mahlaba!Busisiwe Mahlaba - Market development executive.  Casual clothing could be as stylish and sophisticated as you want it to be.  Me Mahlaba shows how chic, feminine and classy casual wear could be.       read more

When asked by Mr Rademan about her personal style and dress sense, Me Mahlaba decided to share the following information with us:

"I don’t have any  particular style icons – at least not just one person.  I admire a few people,  I mix and match the elements that I admire from them and and put my style together from there.
Deciding what to wear is not too hard, its more often than not, according to need and necessity.  I usually judge what my day is going to be  and then  I dress accordingly, my great grand mother always told me though that there are no second chances so whatever you are wearing has to say what you intend for it to say at that very moment  - I try and stick to that as rigidly as possible. I like to keep my colour palette very neutral so that I can bring out my personality through accessories.  I love making a statement with bold accessories – they add a dynamic flavour to any outfit and they represent my vibrant character and are often symbolic of he mood that I am in that day.  A neutral palatte also gives me the opportunity to allow one major piece of my outfit to shine above the rest – like a beautiful collard shirt or perhaps a beautifully tailored pair of trousers.  I have never subscribed to having to lose my personality because of my being in a corporate environment – so whilst I am aware of the need for a power suit, there is nothing better than teaming it up with a pair of casual shoes, funky jewels and bright coloured headscarves – depending on the occasion and the audience – I love wearing my converse sneakers with a casual suit to work on a Friday!
When I need a pick me up or when I need to bring out my soul I put on my traditional headscarves.  I have  a unique way of tying them that has become somewhat of a signature for me  - I have learned to make them very cosmopolitan and versatile and am therefore able to often transform my suit from an office to an evening outfit when time is tight.
Its never  really been my intention to be seen as a style icon, getting up and getting dressed in what is going to make me feel good and feel comfortable is what I do, so its quite a surprise that there are people who view me as such – its actually quite an honour.  Now that I am a new mom, looking good is even more important to me, but I have found quick and easy ways to achieve the desired look in record time.

I love South African  designers, I think we are so blessed with talent here – black and white but we don’t get the international exposure or credit that is deserved.  David Tlale, Sun Goddess, Stoned Cherrie, Maya Prass, Simon Rademan – just to name a few that I love and wear when I can.

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Oh yes!  Of course mistakes were made during 2007:

Thank you to all the visitors that nominated, and subsequently voted, throughout South Africa during the year of 2007.  Although there was no official worst dressed list this year, and while many of you might be disappointed, we still reserve the right to express our sincere and honest opinion when asked for.  In the meantime we leave you with more images to illustrate the worst of fashionista- and celebrity styling during 2007! ... and begin nominating for 2008! or  possibly redeem previous candidates                        Back to top

 Too much, too high? Support wear? Slimming or not? Shiny stuff? Anywhere the wind blows? Mature matric farewells? White women with african headgear? Too tight? Just bizarre? Keep it all in? Let it fall out? Horisontal line?

“I will continue to be honest in my opinion when asked for information by my clients, the public or the media, because that is who I am:  I have always shared my knowledge about style eagerly with those who seek information, and who have a desire to look better, feel better and live stylishly.  I will continue to be inspired by well dressed woman in SA and all over the world, and will always be fascinated by those who do not care about elegance.” - Simon Rademan

 Thank you to the visitors to our site and readers of:: Huisgenoot, You, Drum, Top Billing, Style, Rapport, Citizen, City Press, Die Son, Sunday Times, Beeld, Die Burger, Volksblad, and listeners to RSG for your nominations and votes.
These photos were spotted in the following SA publications that cover high profile social events: Huisgenoot, You, Drum, In Style, Heat, Style Magazine, Top Billing Magazine, Rapport, Beeld, Sowetan, Citizen, City Press, Sunday Times. For any additional image of any of the candidates, a Google/images-search is recommended.


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SA Best and Worst dressed women 2007

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