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  1275 Style-watchers from all over South Africa have nominated 107 individuals, and this year a shortlist of 42 people was published.   the top 10 candidates were announced on 7 January 2011.  A new record number of votes was received:  7 812!  Thank you to all that participated...



      " It remains important to be yourself,  have fun with fashion and not to take it too seriously..."



... Simon Rademan

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Our "best" could be your "worst" and your "best" could be your best friend's "worst"... This democratic freedom of choice is exactly why these lists are so often seen as controversial.  Read Press Release

Here are the respective lists for 2010 (and the actual images that landed them on these lists), in reversed alphabetical order. 


SA Best dressed woman candidates - 2010

The candidate:

We comment:

Corlea Botha - South African singer

Corlea Botha – South African singer

(10th place)  Dramatic confidence…   

One surely does not have to be a size zero to be dressed well, and if you find what works for your figure, stick to that for a while.  Even if "Moulin Rouge" is the inspiration, but... not for too long, though.

fact:    The only reason ballgowns are not considered "in fashion" today, is because they are much more expensive than "straights".  Rather reserve this look for your wedding day

Kedibone Mkhabela

Kedibone Mkhabela –  

(9th place)  Flamboyant twist …   

Grecian inspiration has been around for some time now, and will stay for a while.  Kedibone Mkhabela gave this gown a fantastic African twist.

fact:    Much care should be taken on the red carpet.  You do not carry anything in your hands and in 2011 nothing is "clutched" anywhere, especially not under the arm!

Nadia Beukes - Tv presenter, singer

Nadia Beukes – Tv presenter, singer

(8th place)  Fun fusion…   

Leggings do not "give" you style.  It is a horrible accessory that can only be worn by really stylish people... Some just know how to make it work. This works well for newcomer, Nadia Beukes, and I trust they will now be put away.

fact:    Luckily leggings (and skinny jeans) are fading away on the 2011 horizon.

Kerry McGregor - SA and international supermodel

Kerry McGregor SA and international supermodel

(7th place)  Impressive simplicity…   

There is something extraordinary about someone who has the most beautiful body, but who does not "flaunt" it with every opportunity.  Kerry McGregor can wear almost anything straight off any runway and you would not even know it!

fact:    2011 is going to be a year of extremes:  either very simple feminine lines, or the nomad look.  I pray the latter does not stay long.

Pabi Moloi - Tv presenter

Pabi Moloi – Tv presenter

(6th place)  Passionate fashion… 

This fashionista is the "chameleon" of celeb-world, which is most probably why she ended up on both lists this year.  Pabi Moloi always surprises, experiments constantly, and appears fearless...

fact:    Draw attention to your own assets by accentuating at least one area.  2011 allows you much freedom, but beware not to abuse this freedom.

Cathy Specific - Actor, drag performer

Cathy Specific Actor, drag performer

(5th place)  Electrifying…   


If some women do not get it right, there are always some "men" that will want to set them straight.  Mr Brendan van Rhijn created an alter ego that made many jaws drop!


fact:    Do not be shy to dramatize your personal wardrobe in 2011, but remember that grooming and accessorizing are key!

Jana Strydom - Soap Actress

Jana Strydom – Soap actress

(4th place)  Understated chic…   

Jana Strydom has fast become known for the perfect fusion between grace, talent, style, and is a lady.  She is not afraid to be gorgeous and sexy at the same time.

fact:    Diagonal necklines are here to stay during 2011, and so are diagonal detail on gowns.

Winnie Ntshaba - "Kethiwe" in Generations

Winnie Ntshaba "Kethiwe" in Generations

(3rd place)  Celebrating colour… 

2011 was the year that brought back the brightest colours of the rainbow, and some new colours were "found".  With this heavily beaded gown, simplicity was key, and some stars, like Winnie Ntshaba, got it abso-fashion-lutely right.

fact:    One colour from top to bottom easily makes you look taller.

Palesa Mocuminyane - former Generations actress

Palesa Mocuminyane former Generations actress

(2nd place)  Perfect poise …   

Sometimes the simplest style lines are what flatters the figure best.  She bares enough skin to remain sensual and romantic at the same time.

fact:    Nowadays bridal gowns could easily be the softest pastels around, so take care that your evening gown is not "mistaken" for a bridal gown.

Tanya van Graan - Model, actress, singer

Tanya van Graan – Model, actress, singer

(1st place)  Old world charm…  

This could be the new definition for "grace" and/or "poise".  It is long overdue that this beauty makes it to the best dressed list.  She has allways been a tripple threat and this makes her a "quatro" threat!

fact:    Horizontal lines can "shorten" you instantly, but with a neckline like this, almost any figure type can get away with it.


SA Worst dressed woman candidates - 2010

The candidate:

We comment:

Jeannie D - Tv presenter

Jeannie D – Top Billing presenter

(10th place)  Tight times… 

Jeannie D is such a classy girl, extremely adorable and incredibly inspirational.  What surprises me is that her clothes are also extremely and incredibly ... tight!  They get smaller and tighter every time I see her.  Lets blame the washing powder for this one...

fact:    Buying clothes just one size bigger has an incredible slimming effect.

Melanie du Bois - Soap actress

Melanie du Bois – Soap actress

(9th place)  A Brain teaser… 

This is a fairytale gone wrong.  I absolutely love this girl, but... this cannot be forgiven or even blamed on a stylist.  In Afrikaans we have a saying "die vere maak nie die voël nie..."  maar dalk doen dit tog.  Veral as die voël dood is.

fact:    If you attend theme parties, you should go wild and have fun, and all will be forgiven, but once you step out in public, you have to tone it down just a little.

Margit Meyer Rodenbeck - Comedian / actress

Margit Meyer Rödenbeck – Comedian / actress

(8th place)  "Dof" decisions… 

There comes a time when any woman should clear her wardrobe.  This is when you throw away the ballet top you wore when you were in pre-primary...

fact:    Trust your gut feeling when you dress.  If you need to ask if something works for you, it probably does not.

Zanele Mbokazi - Founder and CEO of Crown gospel music

Zanele Mbokazi – Founder and CEO of Crown gospel music  

(7th place)  Never ending… 

So sad to see my favourite best from 2009 go to such extreme on the red carpet in 2010.  This gown just went on... and on... and on... and on... and on...

fact:    Remember that if ever you are in doubt:  it remains this OR that... and not this AND that... and that... and that... and that...  

Pabi Moloi - Tv presenter

Pabi Moloi – Tv presenter

(6th place)  Channeling Gaga… 

... and so we now have our own Lady Gaga!  Pabi Moloi's "little" disaster was (it seems)inspired by Karen Botha's wedding dress from many years ago.  Or maybe it is that you wear the same clutch over and over and over...

fact:    With a new season comes new dress lengths and this season the hemline will be way above or way below the knee.  If your knees start to look like little faces, I suggest you cover them.

Unathi Nkayi - FM DJ

Unathi Nkayi – FM DJ

(5th place)  Galactic times… 

This style is called architectural, but the architect should be fired. Scotty is no longer around to do "beaming up".  Neither do UFO's really exist.  I would have suggested that Unathi Nkayi gave "Oprah" and "Gayle" some space...

fact:    If it is too tight, do not wear it!  Architectural sculpting stayed behind in 2010.  2011 Silhouettes will be much softer.

Slindile Nodagala - Generations actress

Slindile Nodagala – Generations actress

(4th place)  Squaring out… 

Once the outfit you are wearing is beginning look like a small country (even like "Lapland"), it is important to "emigrate" to a different wardrobe.

fact:    Bright and bold colours will still be around in 2011, but should be worn responsibly and with great care.  

Grethe Fox - Soap actress

Grethe Fox – Soap actress

(3rd place)  Child's play… 

This is exactly why one should keep kids with magic markers away from a lady's wardrobe.  At least till they can actually write, or if you can understand what they are trying to tell you.  

 fact:    Horizontal lines have a nasty habit of making you look wider and shorter and light colours make you look even larger than you really are.

Lindiwe Suttle - Performer

Lindiwe Suttle Performer  

(2nd place)  Not so "suttle"… 

I am often reminded in my quest for dress perfection, that "bondage wear" should stay in places where bondage is practiced.  This is not appropriate for having tea in public, regardless if you are the honoree of the day.

fact:    Clothes that are too big or too small have a "borrowed" look to them.  It has to be tight enough to show that you are a woman and loose enough to remain a lady.

Yolandi Visser - SA singer

Yolandi Visser – SA singer

(1st place)  What's the question…? 

"Ek slaan my oë op na die berge..."  I am still processing the success Yolandi Visser may have in other areas, but with this I take the 5th amendment...

fact:    Unisex has been "out" for so long, and hopefully for some time to come...!  I'll keep watching her to see what stylish people should NOT do...

A final piece of advice from Simon Rademan:  “Fashion is about re-invention and grooming is a tool.  This shapes your inner point of view, and your outer sense of style.  If your view has integrity, it (you) have this incredible power to dress well! 

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The shortlist of 42 women nominated by the public for either the "2010 Best dressed woman", or the "2010 SA Worst dressed woman" (in no particular order...)

Hannah Grobler, Roxy Louw, Poppy Ntshongwana, Kerry McGregor, Kedibone Mkhabela, Jeannie D, Melinda Shaw, Palesa Mocuminyane, Caroline Steyn, Rina Hugo, Winnie Ntshaba, Loui Fish, Nadia Beukes, Tanya van Graan, Unathi Nkayi, Yolandi Visser, Sonja Herholdt, Slindile Nodagala, Nedine Blom, Grethe Fox, Sandile Msimango, Karen Ferreira, Corlea Botha, Melanie du Bois, Gina Athans, Zanele Mbokazi, Lady Kitty Spencer, Nompumelelo MaNtuli Zuma, Thobeka KaMadiba Zuma, Natalie Becker, Vanessa Haywood, Liezel van der Westhuizen, Cathy Specific, Margit Meyer Röhrbeck, Angelique Gerber, Jana Strydom, Yvonne van den Bergh, Lucilla Booysen, Pabi Moloi, Lindiwe Suttle, Louise Carver,

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SA Best and Worst dressed women 2010

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